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Tutoring and Enrichment

I tutor and offer enrichment for writing of any kind from Gr. 2 up.

Home Office Study


I work to bring students to grade level whether on mechanics like grammar, punctuation, and spelling, or at the sentence, paragraph, and structure organizational level. 

Copying Down


For the writer who is hitting the benchmarks, needs new challenges, wants to stretch their skills, and infuse creativity into the work.

Decorated Cupcakes

Special Events

From author teas to book clubs to girl's camp, I can put together a writer's event.

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The Kristie Chronicles

Bring back the lost art of letter writing with our subscription service!


Our program is based on the idea that receiving letters in the mail is a special experience. Children learn the importance of communication, while also gaining confidence in their reading abilities. Letter content and vocabulary/reading levels are customized and personalized by me, a teacher for more than 25 years. 

Subscriptions available in 1 month, 6 month, and yearly iterations

that discount long-term.

Should you choose the pen pal option, our program can give children the opportunity to write for a real audience, with a purpose, and develop their reading and writing skills in a fun and interactive way. They will be able to express themselves in a creative way, and develop a sense of pride when they see their words come to life on the page.

How It Works

The Letter

Each month we mail you a letter written in a pen pal style format on thematic stationary. Each letter is well researched, and includes interesting facts according to the theme chosen. 

Bonus and Surprises!

We include fun stickers that accompany the theme. Each letter will also include a literacy related surprise such as a map or a writing prompt.


 1 Month                       $12

 6 Months                     $50  Yearly (12 Months)      $100


Perfect for kids who love to get mail, homeschoolers, remote learners, and parents seeking a fun and educational experience for their children

Our letters are designed to develop reading and comprehension skills, ignite imagination, spark creativity, and teach children about other cultures, traditions, music, wildlife and ecosystems, landforms, art, cuisine, and much more!

Click the button below to fill out our Google form with your frequency, theme, and other preferences.

What Our Clients Say


Sun, Homeschool mom

I'm so grateful for you.
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