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We're mostly virtual on Zoom (introvert friendly!) so we can gather from anywhere!

You can attend from the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas if you so choose. Plus, no need to worry about the cost of travel or accommodations.

And let's not forget the added bonus of not having to leave your beloved pet behind.


Let's get writing.

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Are We Right For You?

What is Gateless?

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Are you the kind of person who gets up at 4 am to watch a meteor shower on a darkened playing field?

Do you want to create surrounded by open-minded individuals who honor your work?

Would you like to be with boundary keepers who value collaboration and keep the page confidential?

Can you carve out a nook or cranny in which to write for an hour and a half every week?

Do you long for those with a great sense of humor and wonder?

Are you the type who wants to believe in Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster but aren't a crazy conspiracy theorist?

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Gateless Writing is a neuroscience- based method combined with elements of Eastern non-dualities that helps quiet the inner critic. Because of that quieting, in a Gateless salon you create with ease, whatever your genre, format, or project. You leave affirmed and energized.


Gateless salons are designed to help you generate content, not criticize or it. We meet each week and begin with a bit of play, then a meditation followed by a prompt and quiet writing time. After, using the Gateless methodology, writers read aloud their work. The positive feedback you receive can then be accessed later to expand and deepen the work in revision.


In salon, you learn to listen differently. You listen for strength and beauty. You spend time with writers who stay on the page with you. And you write week after week.


In salon, given camaraderie, not competition, you learn craft through example, grow in confidence, and experience greater productivity.

Gateless helps writers of all backgrounds and skill levels. It helps you break through blocks and expand your creative brilliance.

Single Salon Offer

What if 

  • you could get unstuck?

  • you could be heard?

  • you could dedicate time to your writing?

  • you were encouraged and fueled by creatives just like you? 

Try the Gateless experience and see if it's a fit for you.

Escape. Generate. Create.

Gateless Writing Salons

No criticism.

No judgment.

Simply ideal conditions for writing

and for doing the work.

Show up with a blank page, an open mind, and we’ll guide you through the Gateless rules of engagement, provide a prompt and time limit, and offer positive feedback only.


Gateless is unlike any other methodology out there.


Experience a taste of it for yourself!

These 90 minute sessions will have you writing more often, more fluidly,

and with more confidence. 

If you are in need of financial assistance, please reach out
to me at

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