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College Counseling and Essay Coaching Services

  • Gr. 9-11 Designing the Application Story

    • course selection, list building, extracurricular and summer programs, and more​

  • Gr. 11/12:

    • Common Application Essay

    • Supplemental Responses

    • Additional essays such as Honors College or Scholarship
    • ​Resume

    • Scholarship Letters

    • Wait List Appeal or New Information Letters

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Anyone can help edit a college essay or personal statement.


But can they change the way you feel and think about learning and writing?

What if you felt more confident and more empowered in your ability to present your academic story so that application readers immediately see your value and intellectual curiosity?


What if instead of feeling stressed during the application process, you are guided through it? 

What if you never panicked over a blank text box or page again?

My research-based instruction works in just this way.  It’s not just about getting the application done. It's about setting you up for the future you want. It's about empowering you throughout the college and graduate school years and your career beyond.


Having strong writing skills and an ease in communicating your ideas and stories will give you a competitive advantage in corporate or entrepreneurial settings. And who doesn't want that?

Book a free 30 minute consult to see if I'm the right fit for your family:

What we’ll do together

From brainstorming to outlining, from choosing the right structure to multiple drafts that refine, I provide support, expertise, resources, and scheduled accountability.

Clients will:

Complete a series of brainstorming exercises designed to reveal your values, traits, and essential self. This prewriting makes choosing topics far easier and results in more engaging topics

Identify the story to tell that showcases you best and highlights your authenticity and genius. It is critical that your essay presents your voice as this is how admission officers get to know you

Not only draft an admissions or supplemental essay, but write something you feel great about and that speaks to who you are as a person and why you’re an excellent academic candidate

Condense when possible so that you don't have to write six essays but instead an essay which can be used for multiple submissions and in multiple ways

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Essay Coaching


I offer 1:1 consulting tailored to each student's needs in order to ensure that the Common App personal statement, list of activities, additional information, and all supplementals convey the unique attributes, skills, and insights a student offers a campus. We also can address resumes, scholarship, and continued interest or wait-list letters.

How It Works

Packages vary depending upon need and at what stage in the process a client is (what they have drafted or need developed).

Pacing is often determined by a combination of deadlines and student effort.

I offer a range of services from one-off reviews of written work to my most comprehensive service, a developmental, strategic, and longer term partnership.

Contact me to discuss your student's specific needs and pricing: or book a free 30 minute consult:


Kristie approaches her students with a wonderful combination of respect, empathy, humor, and honesty. She sets a high bar which her students meet with great enthusiasm.

Truly the mark of a gifted educator.

I was so fortunate to have Kristie guide both of my daughters as they worked to create narratives that allowed them to get noticed. She took the time to learn each one's strengths not only as a student but as an individual. It was such a proud moment when their essays received compliments during

college interviews.

Verna O'Donnell, parent

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Blue Washed Wall

Student Testimonials

Stephen photo.jpg

Stephen K

Business Data Analyst

"Of all that I have written in my life, my college essay is the piece of writing I am most proud of. It won a writing award and helped me gain admission into honors programs at several of the universities I applied to. But more important than any successes that resulted from it, working with Ms. Schmidt on the essay (and countless others during my time in her AP English class) allowed me to define my voice and develop my identity as a writer. Yes, she is a phenomenal editor, but she is also an exquisite coach who helped me express myself in ways I never expected. She has had a profound impact on my thinking and writing, and I cannot imagine a better person to work with on an important writing project."

chelsea c testimonial photo.jpeg

Chelsea C


"I had never been a confident writer, until I worked with Kristie during my college essay process. My essay topics were extremely private and on subjects that I did not often share with others. Kristie took a personal interest in understanding the messages I was trying to convey and coached me in a way that allowed me to freely express my feelings in a concise manner. To this day, I tell people the most influential person on my writing and writing style was Kristie!"

Patrick C.jpg

Patrick C

MBA Student

"I whole-heartedly endorse Kristie Schmidt for any writing-related expertise, guidance, and teaching! As my English teacher in High School, Ms. Schmidt  was instrumental in helping me find my voice and construct a college essay that both told my story and showcased my writing abilities. Ultimately, her attention and guidance paid off when I was admitted to and attended Dartmouth College after graduating! More than that, Ms. Schmidt, more than any other teacher, inspired my love of language, of writing, and of communicating purposefully. She taught me how individual words can completely change the meaning of a statement, and showed me not just how to write an essay, but to craft a message. I still refer to her lessons even now as a student at MIT pursuing my MBA!"

" She is an incredibly gifted writing teacher/coach who helped me dramatically improve my writing skills, especially when it came to keeping thoughts concise. Under her guidance, I wrote and refined a college admissions essay that helped me get into many of my top college choices. I would highly recommend her as a coach for any high school senior who is serious about constructing their college essay for maximum impact! " 

Jonah F.

Software Engineer

"Ms. Schmidt was my high school English teacher and has remained a friend and mentor ever since. She helped craft my college admissions essay, my graduate school admissions essay, and my law school admission essay. I have also consulted her on other major writing assignments. There is no one I trust more to provide helpful and clear feedback and edits to make my writing concise, personal, and persuasive. She has proven to be a godsend to my writing products time and time again, and I endorse her wholeheartedly as a college essay coach and editor."

Glenn H.

Judge Advocate US Air Force

"When I was preparing my college essay there was no question of whom I should ask for assistance. Kristie Schmidt had a well-known reputation in my school district for being the expert in college essay editing. Her skill, support and judgment along with her knowledge of the college application process made editing my essay an enjoyable and successful experience. She helped turn my initial thoughts into a creative, concise work of art which clearly communicated why I would be an asset to the universities I applied to (and I got accepted to every school on my list!). Today (as a current graduate student) I still utilize the writing and editing guidance I learned from Ms. Schmidt. Working with her will help you get into the school you want and will improve your writing skills for years to come!" 


Melanie K.

LMSW Clinical Researcher

"I was a student of Kristie’s many years ago and still to this day use the writing and editing techniques she taught me in my personal and professional life. She has an incredible talent for helping you be critical and aware of your own mistakes while helping you develop your own writing style. She's incredibly generous and caring."

Max H.

Applications and Manufacturing Engineer

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