What I Do

Compassionately guide people through embracing and releasing their creative genius, thereby changing the world for the better.

Provide workshops and retreats that bring participants to new levels of creativity and innovation in their personal lives and careers.

Provide workshops and salons for writers that move them past the inner critic and into producing and finishing their writing projects.

Provide workshops for high school seniors and juniors that help them produce authentic college essays which avoid common mistakes and showcase them in a way that their other application pieces do not.

Do you need to rediscover

  • how to write passionately and enthusiastically?

  • how to write freely, uninhibitedly, with abandon?

  • how to silence the inner and outer voices that keep you from your writing work?

  • how to keep your focus on process rather than product?

Creative Work

Creative Expression:

reduces stress and anxiety

improves ability to focus


increases happiness through release of dopamine

gives a sense of accomplishment and pride

connects us to like-minded individuals

encourages life-long learning


leads to better sleep

White Tree


solves problems


opens minds

broadens perspectives


promotes connection

promotes empathy

leads to innovation

Want to

Take your idea to first draft. 

Optimize your time, environment, and energy so you can write without putting the rest of your life on hold.

Write what you truly want to write. 

Need to

Stay inspired and learn ways to remain in your creative zone. 

Avoid getting stuck, stalled or derailed.

Make sure your work resonates with your target audience.

Learn How to

Discover your voice, tone, story or message.

Tap into passion and inspiration. 

Take your writing to the next level and entertain exciting new possibilities for your creative self.