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As a middle schooler I delivered the written word to my neighborhood on a daily basis. I wound my blue Schwinn bike through our hilly and twisty suburban development which was built upon an old pig farm. Sunday papers were bulky and heavy but rich with ideas and culture and plenty of advertisements and opinions. 


To do my job I had to overcome my reluctance to converse with strangers, and communicate effectively, whether in writing or standing on the front walk chatting. I learned to tailor my words to different audiences, to be precise, and to move my thoughts into the world with confidence. 


Today I still deliver words, like a midwife, by caring for, shepherding, and nourishing writers, both adults and teens. Right beside them I offer my support, my expertise, and my experience. I also offer procedural and technical reminders. I help writers birth their ideas on paper, gaze at their work in new ways, express their authentic and unique voice, and do all that without criticizing or exhausting themselves. The birthing room is awash with light, kindness, and humor. It’s so much more than Zoom.


During my career I’ve worked with 6 year old poets, 8 year old storytellers, 12 year old biographers, teen college essayists, and adult memoirists. Some people think working with high school writers is like herding hormonal cats and they offer me sympathy or pity. They mean well. But there’s really no need for concern. Whether I’m working with teens or adults, it’s actually carefully orchestrated choreography. 


There is a collective energy gathered, an ordering of movement and thought, a purposeful structure and framework that not only harnesses desire and talent, but through repetition and routine creates meaning and art. I love working with writers of all ages because I get to unearth and witness their stories. Voices emerge, grow confident, and offer the world and me something new. Together we birth change.

The Big Bio


Kristie Schmidt is one of fewer than one hundred fifty trained Gateless Writing facilitators, was a Fulbright Exchange teacher to England, participated in the National Writing Project, and is a graduate of Smith College and Harvard University.

Kristie has offered writing coaching, and specifically coaching on college and graduate applications and essays, for decades. She facilitates Gateless writing workshop "salons" and doctors/edits written works for a variety of clients.


She is currently training to be a certified Author Accelerator book coach.


Formerly a public high school Department Head and English teacher, she taught AP English Language and Composition concurrent with UCONN's Early College Experience Seminar in Academic Writing. She specialized in the crafting of nonfiction works--essays and memoirs. She has delivered multiple presentations on literacy, writing, and course design as professional development to colleagues and conference attendees.  Kristie was an in-district presenter and turnkey trainer for Understanding by Design.

Kristie lives with her cat, Luigi "Lui" Macaroni, is an accomplished flute player who spent a summer training at Tanglewood, and a gardener. Her interests include American Sign Language and travel, to date 18 countries, most recently to Portugal's the Azores prior to COVID lockdown.

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