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Are you

  • ready to improve as a writer?

  • craving confidence?

  • requiring accountability?

  • needing authentic, honest input and feedback?

  • desiring kindness and humor from your coach?

  • feeling stuck?

  • looking for someone to bounce ideas off of?

  • ready to eliminate the inner critic?

  • seeking joy in your writing process?

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 Coaching Includes

  • Conversations with empathetic and analytic listening

  • Feedback tailored just for you

  • Accountability

  • Emotional support

  • Creative support

  • Email, text and phone support

  • Verbal and written feedback

Be a Read Writer

My method is dedicated to moving first drafts towards publically consumed work.


My method teaches potent craft tools, provides support,

and creates a safe structure that quiets the critical mind, allowing you to tap into your most unique, creative, and

powerful work.


Uses principles from Gateless Writing founded by Suzanne Kingsbury, novelist and sought-after developmental editor. Based on neuroscience and eastern spiritual traditions of non-duality, Gateless removes left-brain analysis and judgment from the practice of writing, particularly first draft work.


  • planning based on your specific goals

  • productivity and time management tips 

  • advice for maximizing strengths and addressing challenges

  • encouragement and honest feedback

  • recommendations for professional development

  • suggestions for how to recapture the joy of writing

_creative Writers Who Get Writing Done!

I Believe

  • You need to feel safe, confident, and heard.

  • Creating your supportive writing environment, one that minimizes distractions, helps make writing feel less daunting.

  • Positive feedback boosts creativity and confidence, keys to getting ideas out of your  head and onto the page and into the world.

  • Vulnerability depends upon trust. Our relationship thrives with truth telling.

Book a Free Consult

Try 30 minutes of coaching by me free.

Coaches and writers need to be sure they have chemistry and will make a good team.

Thanks for submitting!


During the introductory meeting, we'll discuss writing goals and what approach we would take should you decide to work with me.



One Off or By the Hour

Submit a single project for feedback by the hour.

One Month

Sign on for one month of coaching

3-6 months

Work together long-term for consistency and follow through on projects or writing technique.

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