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Parenting. Am I right?

Mom said Trish took her to Church on Thursday because there was a meeting and they stood around with masks on. There wasn’t. They didn’t.

Mom said the doctor called on Saturday and said the blood work showed she needed more vitamin A so could you please go get carrots right now? He didn’t.

Mom said she had her booster shot but you didn’t take her, I didn’t take her, her vaccine card had no record of it and she can’t remember how to use the computer to set up an appointment.

Oh, you thought I meant the other kind of parenting.

Truth is, most of us are likely to find ourselves in a variety of roles throughout our lives, offspring, parent, caregiver–some more challenging than others. The irony, of course, is that our myriad universal experiences belong to unique voices.

Probably the best part of my job is helping writers hone that voice, shape their message, and then be heard, whether they are writing the college essay or a memoir. You become the character in your story, your experiences fill in the plot and pretty soon, you’re a storyteller.

Like a parent telling a bedtime story or one telling a family story or one telling a personal story.

Or one co-telling a story whose nuts and bolts may have been forgotten or fabricated entirely anew.


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