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College Essay Ready
in 90 minutes

A Live Workshop for Students Thursday August 18 7:30-9:00 pm EST

What if you could put an end to the pit in your stomach, the worry and anxiety, and the nagging?

What if you knew what admissions readers wanted to read?
The dos and dont's?

What if you could get clear about your best topic and avoid a toxic topic?

Knowing your values, traits, and passions will do just that so
we will do a series of exercises to not only identify them

but bring them front and center into your essay.

Know why you procrastinated, how to stop procrastinating, and how to start the essay. Right away. Thursday afternoon.

Then draft with ease. Remove the dread. Gain momentum.

In this workshop we will cover

Discover and write

Grab your spot now!

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Parent Testimonial


Kristie approaches her students with a wonderful combination of respect, empathy, humor, and honesty. She sets a high bar which her students meet with great enthusiasm. Truly the mark of a gifted educator.

I was so fortunate to have Kristie guide both of my daughters as they worked to create narratives that allowed them to get noticed. She took the time to learn each one's strengths not only as a student but as an individual. It was such a proud moment when their essays received compliments during

college interviews.

Verna O'Donnell, parent


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Presented by Kristie Schmidt

Need help? A veteran teacher of high school seniors from IB and AP to those entering the trades, I know what admissions readers are looking for and I know the mistakes students are most likely to make on this essay.

I even know why they procrastinate. Best of all, I know how to get them writing. I've helped hundreds of students during my career. Let me help.

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